Brighter Smiles in Raleigh

Looking for a simple and successful way to brighten your smile and whiten your teeth?

There are many at-home teeth whitening kits out there. But how do you know which ones actually work and won’t hurt your gums and ruin your teeth? Which ones have best tested and proven?

Read on to learn more about Opalescence, the global leader in professional teeth whitening—the very best option available today.


Opalescence has brightened more than 100 million smiles over the past 30 years with their easy and quick teeth whitening kits. Developed by a dentist and trusted by countless many, Opalescence teeth whitening gel has a sticky composition that ensures it stays in place as the peroxide continually releases to enter the teeth’s enamel.

The chemical reaction that occurs as oxygen molecules from the whitening agent spread throughout the tooth and collide with the discolored molecules results in bright white permeation of each entire tooth.

What makes Opalescence the number one choice among dentists and patients? The answer is simple. The Opalescence teeth whitening method is:

  • Safe
  • Effective
  • Non-invasive

Custom At-Home Trays

Custom-made to fit your unique smile, Opalescence PF at-home trays allow you the flexibility to whiten your teeth when you want and where you want. The teeth whitening gel that you put in the custom teeth whitening trays comes in five concentrations. This provides you with options, ranging from short to longer, overnight wear times.

Opalescence teeth whitening gel is certified gluten free and certified kosher with flavor options, like mint, melon, and regular. Gentle and pain free, the gel contains potassium nitrate and fluoride.

Simply squeeze one third to one half of the syringe of beaded gel into the two trays and then set each gently in place over your teeth, careful not to force gel out. Use a toothbrush to remove any excess gel from your gums. After the wear time is complete, remove trays and clean them with a soft brush and warm water. Keep your trays in the case they came in.

Prescription-Strength Trays

Opalescence Go is an even more advanced option for those who prefer to skip the impression and mold-making stage in the teeth whitening process. The prefilled disposable whitening trays are ready to go straight out of the box and easily conform to your smile. Their professional strength teeth whitening gel is only available through your dentist, so make sure to schedule a consultation to start your teeth whitening journey ASAP.

The pre-filled professional strength teeth whitening system requires just a few simple steps. Begin by removing each tray from its packaging and position them on your teeth. As you bite down on the trays, suck on them for a couple seconds and then remove the colored outer tray while leaving the white inner tray in place on your teeth. Consult the instructions for indicated wear time. Once the wear time is complete, remove the trays, throw them away, and brush your teeth. It’s that simple.

Planning With Restorative Work

If you’re having other restorative work done and would like to whiten your teeth while you’re at it, the order in which you proceed matters. The key is to remember to “whiten before restorations” because only natural teeth can be whitened. Restorations, like crowns and fillings, do not react to whitening products, so when placing an artificial tooth, your dentist matches it to the color of your natural teeth. Whiten your natural teeth first to achieve the shade you love, and then select a crown that is the same bright shade of white.

Ready To Brighten Your Smile?

Our teeth naturally lose their luster due to age, genetics, diets, and habits, like smoking. And these things affect the lasting results of teeth whitening as well. Thankfully, touch-up treatments are fast and simple which enable you to ensure your teeth continue to look beautiful and match your restorative work.

For more information about this lifechanging teeth whitening opportunity, reach out to Raleigh cosmetic dentist Dr. King today.

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